What is first copy Shoes and are they worth it

Are you wondering what is first copy shoes are and whether or not they are worth buying?

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What Is First Copy Shoes?

What are first copy Shoes

First copy shoes are a type of shoe that is created by copying the design of other popular and expensive shoes. This is done to save time and money on design and production.

The term first copy shoe is often used in the footwear industry. It refers to shoes that are copies of other popular brands, usually because they are cheaper or more accessible for people who can’t afford the original product.

Difference Between The First Copy And Original Shoes

Difference between first copy shoes and original branded shoes

There are some differences between the first copy shoes and the original ones. The most notable differences are mentioned below:


Original shoes have high-quality materials and craftsmanship. These types of shoes are made with great care and attention to detail.

On the other hand, first copy shoes are produced at low cost and sometimes even using cheap materials. Some first copy shoes may even use imitation leather instead of real leather.


Most original shoes come with a warranty from their manufacturer. In case there are any problems, the company will fix them free of charge.

However, first copy shoes do not come with a warranty. If your shoes start wearing out after a certain period of time, then you have to buy new ones.


Another big difference between the original shoes and the first copy ones is the price. Most first copy shoes are much cheaper than original shoes.

As an example, if you see an original Nike shoe is selling for Rs. 5000, then you might find many first-copy versions of it for less than Rs. 1000.

9 Ways To Identify First Copy Shoes

How to Identify first copy Shoes

Identifying first-copy shoes is pretty easy. You just have to look closely at a few details of the shoe. Here are some tips to help you spot fake products:

1. Look At The Manufacturer

The first thing is to check the manufacturer of the shoe. If it is not the official brand of the original shoes, then there is a high probability that it’s a fake.

Although this is not a foolproof method because some first-copy shoes could be from a company that is related to the official brand. However, it is a fairly safe way to check to see if it is a fake.

2. Read Customer Reviews

The second step to check if the shoe is fake/first copy or not is to read the customer reviews on the product.

Most fake shoes will have a negative review and many messages saying how bad they are. If you find few such comments, then there’s a high probability that it is a fake.

If you are buying shoes online, I would suggest checking out customer reviews before buying any product because it reduces the risk of your money ending up in the wrong place.

3. Check The Quality Of Materials Used

The best way to check if a shoe is fake is to look at the quality of materials used in it.

Original shoes are made with high-quality materials, while first-copy shoes are made using poor-quality materials. Therefore, it’s pretty easy to spot the difference between original shoes and their first-copy versions.

If you notice that the material used in the shoes is too thin or has rips, then there’s a good chance that it’s the first copy. The material used in the original shoe is always thick enough so that it can last long.

4. Investigate The Price

The price of the shoe is another good way to identify whether the shoes are original or not.

You should always investigate the original price of the shoe. If you find that the price is much lower than the original one, then chances are that it is a fake/duplicate shoe.

Original shoes usually cost a lot more than first copy shoes. Therefore, it’s easy to spot first copy shoes from their regular versions.

5. Check For A Warranty & Return Policy

Another good way to spot fake shoes is to check whether they come with a warranty or not.

The original branded shoes always come with a warranty and return policy. but first-copy shoes usually don’t have a warranty or return policy. So always check about the returns policies when purchasing anything online.

6. Check The Logo And Branding

One important tip when identifying first-copy shoes is to check the logo of the shoe as well as its branding.

Most original shoes have a unique logo and branding which identifies them as authentic products. But first copies won’t necessarily have those marks. They’ll just have generic stickers or stamps.

7. Check For The Stitching Details

Stitching is an important part of making any shoe functional. If the shoe doesn’t have proper stitching details, it may affect the functionality and durability of the shoe.

First-copy shoes usually do not have the same stitching details as the originals. The stitches are often uneven and sloppy.

8. Look At The Shoe Packaging

Original shoe always comes in a high-quality box and packaging with a special logo. If you notice that the box and packaging are not what you expect, then there’s a high probability that it’s the first copy/duplicate shoe.

9. Look At The SKU Code

The final way to check if the shoe is fake or not is to look at its Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) code.

An original shoe will always have a unique SKU bar code inside the shoe. However, first-copy shoes usually have a stamped pricing tag instead of a unique code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about first copy shoes

So now that we’ve discussed how to spot fake shoes, here are some frequently asked questions:


In this article about what is first copy shoes, I tried my best to explain all the things you must know about first-copy shoes.

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