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Shoes Suggester was created by fitness and sports lovers to help people find the perfect shoes for their lovely hardworking feet.

Who We Are

Varun Tiwari
Owner & Editor

Varun Tiwari

I am Varun and I am the owner and editor of Shoes Suggester. I am a fitness freak who loves to work out and play outdoor games and football is one of my most favorite games. I am also a full-time web developer.

I love trying all different types of shoes. Whether they’re in a high-end brand or a cheap brand, I don’t mind. I often share my insight on certain brands or types of sneakers and why they may or may not be a good investment for anyone in the market.

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Neha Saxena
Writer & Researcher

Neha Saxena

Neha is a writer and researcher of Shoes Suggester. A few years ago Neha was overweight with over 110 kg weight. Since then she has been running, exercising, and taking care of her diet and after that, within 7-8 months, she lost over 30 kg of her weight.

While she has been losing weight, she has tried on so many pairs of shoes – from walking shoes and running shoes to flip-flops and even boots! But now we can all benefit from her vast knowledge and experience by learning about the different types of shoes and how they can best serve us.

If you’re struggling with weight loss and want to become fit then she believes that running is the first thing that you should start. She believes that every person, no matter their current condition can reach their fitness goals.

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