How to clean running shoes at home (5 easy steps)

Running shoes can become dirty and smelly after a run, and if you don’t take proper care of them, they will not only be unpleasant to wear, but also ineffective.

In order to get the most out of your running shoes, you need to take proper care of them! This article will outline how to clean running shoes so that they last as long as possible, with a list of steps to follow along with instructions on each step.

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Things You Need To Clean Your Running Shoes

  • Washing powder or detergent
  • Sponge or old toothbrush
  • Water (I would recommend using pure water in a glass bowl)
  • Microfiber cloth or towel

5 Steps For How To Clean Running Shoes At Home

Running shoes are expensive, so you want to keep them looking good and last longer. But how to clean your running shoes? Here is a list of 5 easy to follow steps for cleaning running shoes:

1. Cleaning Shoelaces

Cleaning shoelaces of running shoes

The first thing you should do is remove the laces from your running shoe. If you have already worn the shoe for some time, it may be difficult to untie the shoelace, but just try your best.

Once the shoelace has been removed, soak the laces in a bowl of warm water mixed with washing powder or detergent for about 10 minutes. The soaking process will help loosen dirt and grime stuck onto the laces.

After the laces are soaked, squeeze excess water out of them by wringing them out between your hands.

2. Cleaning Outsole

Cleaning Outsole of running shoes

Next, you’ll want to clean out the sole of your shoe. Take a small bowl filled with warm water and add a little bit of washing powder or detergent.

Dip a sponge or toothbrush into this mixture and then rub the entire bottom of the shoe where dirt tends to accumulate.

Make sure you use enough pressure when cleaning the outsole or bottom of the shoe because this area tends to collect more dirt than other areas.

If you’re using a toothbrush, make sure you scrub the sides of the shoe too, since those tend to collect dirt faster than the bottoms.

3. Cleaning Upper

Cleaning Upper of running shoes

Now, it’s time to clean up the upper part of your shoe. Again, use a bowl of warm water and washing powder or detergent to clean the upper of your shoe.

Now use a soft brush or sponge to gently wipe away any dirt or debris that might still be clinging to the upper of your shoe, especially around the toe box and heel counter.

Remember, do not use too much force when wiping the upper of your shoe because you don’t want to damage the upper material.

Once you’ve cleaned off all the dirt and debris, use a soft cloth or cotton towel to gently wipe down the top of the shoe, making sure to get all the dust off the upper.

4. Cleaning Insole

Cleaning insole of running shoes

Finally, it’s time to wash the insoles of your shoe. Again, use the same mixture of water and detergent and then dip a sponge or toothbrush in this solution and brush over the insoles of your shoes.

Use a gentle touch when brushing the insoles of your running shoes, and avoid rubbing hard against the inside of the shoe.

Now wipe down the insoles with a soft cloth or towel to clean them completely.

5. Dry Running Shoe After Washing

Drying your running shoes

When you’re done cleaning your running shoes, let them dry thoroughly before putting them back on. Make sure you leave them outside in good weather conditions to allow them to air-dry naturally. This drying process will help to further disinfect the shoe and kill bacteria.

Also, make sure not to leave your running shoes to dry in direct sunlight for more than 20 minutes especially if your shoes are made up of leather. This is because direct sunlight can cause the leather upper to get soft and ruined.

Alternatively, try keeping your running shoes in front of a fan to speed up the drying process. After they are dry, replace laces back onto your shoes and store them somewhere safe until you want to wear them again.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

So, now that we’ve covered how to properly clean your running shoes at home, here are some frequently asked questions about this topic:


Running shoes should be cleaned regularly so that you don’t have to worry about getting sick from germs and bacteria. If you follow our steps above, you’ll be able to keep your running shoes looking new and fresh for longer periods of time.

I hope, this article has helped to guide you on how to clean running shoes at home. If you still have any queries, please feel free to comment down below.

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